This weekend, 16 students traveled to New York City to compete against hundreds of students in the Columbia Model United Nations Conference (CMUNNY). Below are the individual Results:

Best Delegate:
Carley Mambuca (SFS '19) - New York Theatre Association
Elodie Currier (SFS '19) - Pirate Republic
Hojoon Kim (SFS '22) - The Fifth Republic of Korea

Honorable Delegate:
John Erath (SFS '20) - A Meeting in the Dreaming
Filippo Manzini (SFS '22) - Macbeth

Verbal Commendation:
Grant Castle (SFS '21) - A House Divided Cannot Stand: Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet
Jack Korologos (SFS '21) - New York City Hall, 1974
Javier Guerrero (SFS '22) - Robot Revolution 2050
Aaron Baum (SFS '20) - End of the Qianlong Empire
Zac Schroepfer (MSB '19) - United Nations Security Council