Former Board of Directors


2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

Chair: Jaylan Smith (Fall 2018), Maddie Mousseau (Spring 2019)

Conferences Coordinator: Zac Schroepfer

Chief of Staff: Peter Hamilton (Fall 2018), Alexander Chen (Spring 2019)

Director of Academic Programming: Becky Twaalfhoven

Director of Outreach: Grace Rector

Director of Communications: Cooper Vardy

Director of Special Events: Tobias Cebulash

GDISC Coordinator: Thomas Connelly

Treasurer: Maddie Mousseau (Fall 2018), Clay Volino (Spring 2019)

Executive Secretary: Kimberly Nuñez

2017 - 2018 Board of Directors

Chair: Grace Jiang

Conferences Coordinator: Georgina Kenchington

Chief of Staff: Saad Bashir

Director of Academic Programming: Albert Xu

Director of Outreach: Jeremy Cohen

Director of Communications: Aaron Baum

Director of Special Events: Jose Villalobos

GDISC Coordinator: Tobias Cebulash


Executive Secretary: Bianca Lambert

2016 - 2017 Board of Directors

Chair: Eric Chen

Conferences Coordinator: Jack Ludtke

Chief of Staff: Lizzy Tse

Director of Academic Programming:

Director of Outreach: Grace Jiang

Director of Communications: Patricia Lin

Director of Special Events: Itua Uduebo

GDISC Coordinator: Hanh Nyguyen

Treasurer: Oyin Ajayi

Executive Secretary: Erin Luck