BarMUN 2018

This weekend, 16 students traveled to Boston University to compete against hundreds of students in the Boston Area Model United Nations Conference (BarMUN). Below are the individual Results:

Outstanding Delegate:
Jaylan Smith (SFS '20) - Stalling for Time JCC (United States of America)
Zac Schroepfer (MSB '19) - Ad Hoc

Honorable Delegate
Isabelle Smith (SFS '20) - Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons
Naba Rahman (SFS '19) - European Regional Development Fund
Elodie Currier (SFS '19) - CDC on Antibiotic Resistance
Will Bartlett (COL '22) - Hammurabi's Court

Verbal Commendation
Finn Thompson (COL '22) - 1991 Somaliland