MCMUN 2019

Team GU MUN traveled with 48 Hoyas to Montreal to compete in McGill's McMUN. While we weren't awarded a delegation award by McMUN Secretariat, we are leaving with a raw aggregate awards score that is more than double of the second most awarded team!

Please reach out to congratulate all McMUN participants in their success, but especially those who earned the below individual awards!

Best Delegate:
Justin McCartney (SFS '19) & Nithya Pathalam (COL '19) - UN Oceans (Life Below Water)
Javier Guerrero (SFS '22) - Romulo Betancourt's Venezuela: the Emergence of Consolidated Democracy, 1945-1948
Jeremy Cohen (SFS '20) - Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
Elodie Currier (SFS '19) - The Italian Unification

Outstanding Delegate:
Daria Boulos (SFS '21) - Royal Commission on the Status of Women, 1970
Gavin Sylvia (SFS '22) - UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Christian Mesa (COL '19) - International Court of Justice: USA vs. Russia
Zac Schroepfer (MSB '19) - US Congress: A Country in Crisis, 2009
Neal Singal (MSB '22) - World Anti-Doping Agency
Brendan Stelmach (SFS '19) - UNSC: Emergency Session on the African Great Lakes Crisis
John Erath (SFS '20) - JCC Boshin War (Tokugawa Shogunate)
Margaret Hodson (SFS '20) - Triple Diadochi: Seleucus (Persia)

Honorable Delegate:
Carley Mambuca (SFS '19) & Casey Wetherbee (SFS '21) - ECOFIN (Decent Work and Economic Growth)
Jefferson Ford (MSB '21) & Mahek Ahmad (COL '22) - ECOFIN (Decent Work and Economic Growth)
Mark Wilcox (SFS '21) - International Conference on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance
Jose Villalobos (SFS '19) - Spanish Bilingual Committee: Zapatista Negotiations

Verbal Commendation:
Hrithik Saride (NHS '22) - UNGA Special Session: Combating Global Trafficking & Illicit Trade
Will Bartlett (COL '22) - The Triple Diadochi: Ptomely (Egypt)