Congratulations to team GU MUN on their massive success at the final conference of the year, ChoMUN! Hats off to all the seniors who competed for the last time! Individual awards are below:

Zac Schroepfer (MSB ‘19) & Genevieve Pool (SFS ‘19) - United Nations Security Council
Suraag Srinivas (SFS ‘20) - Alphabet Board of Directors

Naba Rahman (SFS ‘19) - Article V Constitutional Convention
Meggie Underwood (SFS ‘19) - Our Fair City: The Chicago World's Fair, 1891
Jack Korologos (COL ‘21) - High Society: The Cabinet of Prince Rainier III, Monaco 1955
Siddharth Muchhal (SFS ‘21) - JCC A Newspaper Should Have No Friends: Pulitzer's New York World, 1896
Hojoon Kim (SFS ‘22) - Tokyo Drift: The Mid-Night Club, 1987-1999

Christopher Gyra (SFS’21) - The Good, the Vlad, and the Ugly: The Cabinet of the Russian Government, 2013
Finn Thompson (COL ‘22) - Bayan Ko: The Rebirth of the Philippine Democracy
Casey Wetherbee (SFS ‘21) - Popeular Sovereignty: Mexico, 1926

Carley Mambuca (SFS ‘19) - Hasta La Vista Conquista: The First Republic of Venezuela, 1810
Mahek Ahmad (COL ‘22) - Because I Said So: The National Congress of Mothers, 1900-1925
Clay Volino (COL ‘22) - Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Muhammad Ali Pasha's Egypt, 1805
Alex Chen (COL ‘22) - JCC A Newspaper Should Have No Friends: Hearst's New York Journal, 1896
Andrew Alfonso (COL ‘21) - Of Moose and Men: The Council of New France, 1660
José Villalobos (SFS ‘19) - Space Lasers, Fundraisers, and the World's Greatest Monopoly: Bell Labs, 1940-1950