Model United Nations


Almost a Century of Competitive Excellence

A longtime academic extra-curricular favorite for Middle School, High School, and University students around the world, Model United Nations, or MUN, is a sort of historical and political simulation. Student delegates step into the roles of government representatives, social and civil leaders, or military commanders to debate and collaborate on global issues. Conferences are held in universities all around the globe, and give participants a chance to gain skills in public speaking, research, professionalism, debate, critical thinking, and teamwork, all in an exciting and challenging environment with their peers. 

The Georgetown Model United Nations traveling team competes in Model UN conferences throughout the country and beyond, traveling in the past four years as far as Chicago, New York, Montréal, San Francisco, Australia, Italy, and Panama. As the representative of Georgetown on the Model UN circuit, the program strives to embody the substantive knowledge, excellence, and passion for Model UN of the IRC as a whole.

The goal of the team is non-exclusivity, so all IRC members have the opportunity to travel on the team at some point in their four years on the Hilltop. These stimulating decision-making simulations that range in size from 15 member crisis committees to 300 member general assemblies. A cornerstone of the IRC, we encourage everyone to give Model United Nations a shot during their time on the Hilltop.