IRC MUN Awards


The Georgetown IRC Model United Nations Travel Team has been awards myriad commendations for their successes at a number of collegiate conferences.


ChoMUN - Outstanding Large Delegation

Best Delegate:

Georgina Kenchington (SFS '18): In Her Good Graces: Clans and Company of Grace O'Malley, 1576

Peter Hamilton (COL '20): Citizens, United: Senate Leadership Fund Retreat, 2015-2017

Outstanding Delegate:

Lyric Gupta (SFS '18): Stand in Solidarity: The Governing Committee of the 1980 Polish Solidarity (Solidarność) Movement

Suraag Srinivas (SFS '20): You Know Who We Are, But Not What We Do: Halliburton

Honorable Mention:

Brent Peabody (SFS '18): Alea Jacta Est: Senatus Romanus, Consule Quinto Caecilio Metello et Gnaeo Pompei Magno, 702 AUC (52 BC)

Elodie Currier (SFS '19): Dinner at the Rezidentura: The Soviet Apparatus in the United States, 1980

Jose Villalobos (SFS '19): ¡Vivan las Mariposas! The Fall of Trujillo, 1959

Maggie Underwood (SFS '19): It's Everybody's Job: Truman's Cabinet and the Opening Moves of the Cold War, USA 1948

Jaylan Smith (SFS '20): A Little Bit Holy, Not at All Roman, and Not Yet an Empire: The Court of Maria Theresa, 1740

Grant Castle (SFS '21): Gone with the Wind: The Executive Board of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, 1945-1965

Verbal Commendation:

Grace Jiang (SFS '18): Democracy is Invincible: The French Popular Front, 1936

Carley Mambuca (SFS '19) and Genevieve Pool (SFS '19): European Conference on International Organization, Brussels 2023

VICS - Best Small Delegation

Best Delegate:

Brendan Stelmach (SFS'19): JCC Blow, Bullets, and Blood: Medellin

Jack Korologos (COL '21): JCC Catalan Secession: Catalonia

Caleb Yip (SFS '21): Scottish National Parliament, 2018

Honorable Mention:

Casey Wetherbee (SFS '21): Indian Cabinet: Sino-Indian War, 1962


Diplomacy Award:

Carley Mambuca (SFS’19) and Genevieve Pool (SFS’19): SOCHUM

Zachary Schroepfer (MSB’19) and Christopher Gyra (SFS’21): SPECPOL

Georgina Kenchington (SFS’18): Suez Canal Crisis, 1956

Arianna Skipper (SFS’18): Leaders of La Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, Venezuela 2017

Verbal Commendation:

Elodie Currier (SFS’19) and Brendan Stelmach (SFS’19): DISEC


Best Delegate:

Owen Hayes (COL '18) and Peter Hamilton (COL '20): DISEC, 1962

Zac Schroepfer (MSB '19): Samsung Board of Directors

Siddharth Muchhal (SFS '21): Taiping Rebellion JCC - Qing

Outstanding Delegate:

Elodie Currier (SFS '19) and Casey Wetherbee (SFS '21): DISEC, 1962

Carley Mambuca (SFS '19) and Genevieve Pool (SFS '19): World Urban Forum

Isabelle Smith (SFS '20): Antarctic Treaty Secretariat

Jaebok Lee (SFS '20): International Civil Aviation Organization, 2025

Brendan Keenan (SFS '18): Supreme Court of Canada

Georgina Kenchington (SFS '18): Delegates' Choice - Westworld

Anton Smaliak (SFS '18): The Time of Troubles: Rise of the Romanovs

Arianna Skipper (SFS '18): Second Punic War JCC - Roman

Book Award:

Meggie Underwood (SFS '19): Era of Good Feelings: The Monroe Administration

Honorable Mention: Brent Peabody (SFS '18): United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea


Best Delegate: Anton Smaliak (SFS 18): Ad-Hoc

Meggie Underwood (SFS 19): NOLA Board of Liquidation

Outstanding Delegate:

Georgina Kenchington (SFS 18) and Zachary Schroepfer (MSB 19): UNSC

Brent Peabody (SFS 18): United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Elodie Currier (SFS 19): SPECPOL

Genevieve Pool (SFS 19) and Casey Wetherbee (SFS 21): SOCHUM

Jaylan Smith (SFS 20) and Bilva Chandra (SFS 20): ECOFIN

Honorable Mention:

Grace Jiang (SFS 18): UNESCAP

Isabelle Smith (SFS 20) and Suraag Srinivas (SFS 20): COI

Simon Ospenson (SFS 20): JCC - Aztecs

Mark Wilcox (SFS 21): Post-JFK Assassination

Verbal Commendation:

Brendan Stelmach (SFS 19) and Naba Rahman (SFS 19): DISEC

Saad Bashir (SFS 19): Exxon Board of Directors


Honorable Mention:

Brent Peabody (SFS' 18), Texas Secession

Verbal Commendation:

Chase Wagers (COL ‘20), JCC Artificial Intelligence: USA


Best Delegate:

Elodie Currier (SFS '19)

Honorable Mention:

Brendan Stelmach (SFS '19)

Casey Wetherbee (SFS '21)

Verbal Commendation:

José Villalobos Gonzalez (SFS '19)

Carley Mambuca (SFS '19)

Grace Rector (SFS '21)


Best Delegate:

Elodie Currier (SFS '19)

Outstanding Delegate:

Meggie Underwood (SFS '19)

Honorable Mention:

Grant Castle (SFS '21)

Simon Ospenson (COL '20)

Anton Smaliak (SFS '18)

Mark Wilcox (SFS '21)