Georgetown International Relations Club

Board of Directors 2016-17

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Eric Chen, SFS '18

Eric Chen is a member of the School of Foreign Service Class of 2018, studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Global Health and a certificate in International Development. He originally hails from a small coastal town in Maine and has been an active member of the International Relations Club since arriving at Georgetown. He began by traveling with the Model UN team, staffing NAIMUN and NCSC, and serving on the Outreach sub-board. He then became Director of Outreach and has now served twice on NCSC Secretariat, first as Director of Media and Technology and then as Director of Marketing. In his free time, Eric enjoys playing guitar, relaxing outside, and watching The West Wing. He is very excited to be serving as Chair of the International Relations Club this year and looks forward to another great year with the IRC!



Jack Ludtke, MSB '17
Conferences Coordinator

Jack Ludtke is a senior in Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business studying International Business and Management with a minor in Government. He has been a member of the IRC since freshman year and has competed in Model UN since his time at New Canaan High School in New Canaan, CT. On campus, he is also the Managing Editor of the Undergraduate Law Review, is Chair of the Georgetown Senior Auction, is a Captain within New Student Orientation, holds a job in Georgetown’s Jesuit Residence, and staffs both of Georgetown’s Model UN conferences. Jack served as Secretary-General of the 43 rd National Collegiate Security Conference from 2014 – 2015. In his spare time, he likes to play squash, root for the New York Jets, and read Bill Simmons. A pretty ok guy, overall – solid all around.


Patricia Lin, SFS '19
Director of Communications

Patricia comes from the sunny state of California (and will eagerly defend it as the best state). Right now, however, she's at Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, studying International Economics, despite her aversions toward mathematics and all of its derivatives. Outside of her service to the IRC, Patricia also serves as the Director of Media and Technology for NCSC, the cover editor of The Georgetown Voice, and is a member of Carroll Fellows. In rare moments of spare time between class, clubs, and lau, Patricia enjoys pursuing her true passion: art, in both its creation and appreciation. She also enjoys listening to too much music at loud volumes, reading too many books written by surrealist authors, and complaining too much about Western Business Attire to explain her love for the IRC.



Will Liao, SFS '17
Director of Academic Programming

Will Liao is a senior in Georgetown's School of Foreign Service studying International Political Economy. He has been a member of the IRC since freshman year and has competed in and staffed at various Model UN conferences since his time at Shanghai American School in Shanghai, China. Originally from Taiwan, he is fluent in both Chinese and English, and has spent a good amount of time learning Japanese at Georgetown. On campus, he is also on the board of the Taiwanese American Student Association, the Chair of the Walsh Exchange, and a building manager at the Healey Family Student Center. In his spare time he likes to take naps, cook, and listen to music.


Grace Jiang, SFS '18
Director of Outreach

Grace was originally born in Hunan, China, and has lived in various places throughout China, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Washington, DC, but calls the hippy town of Boulder, Colorado home and spends large amounts of her time complaining about the lack of mountains in DC. A junior in the SFS, Grace is planning on majoring in Regional and Comparative Studies between East Asia and Latin America with a certificate in International Development. Grace has previously served as Philanthropy Coordinator on the Outreach sub-board, travels with Georgetown’s MUN team, and has staffed in various capacities for NCSC and NAIMUN. Outside of the IRC, Grace is a literacy tutoring coordinator with DC Schools Project and Section Editor of the Human Rights and Dignity section of the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. When not procrastinating on homework, Grace enjoys doing yoga, holding sarcastic conversations, and drinking green tea.


Itua Uduebo, SFS '17
Director of Special Events

Itua Uduebo is a member of the Class of 2017 and is studying International Politics with an International Law concentration and is working towards a certificate in International Development. He’s been involved with the IRC since his sophomore year and has travelled with the team, staffed several committees, served on the Secretariat for NCSC XLIII, and served as the Director of Special Events during the Spring 2016 semester. Outside of his involvement in the IRC and his time reluctantly spent in Lau or other study locations, he also enjoys letting his creativity out in the Creative Writing Club, doing tech work, exploring DC at every possible opportunity, and being an avid fan of both American and world football. As he gets ready for his second go-around on the board, Itua can’t wait to put on a lot more fun, memorable events for the IRC.

Lizzy Tse, SFS '16
Chief of Staff

Lizzy Tse is a rising senior in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in Science, Technology and International Affairs with a concentration in Business, Growth and Development. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lizzy loves Georgetown, but misses speaking Cantonese and indulging in the food heaven that is her hometown. Ever since stepping on campus, Lizzy has been heavily involved with the IRC. She has been a member of the Georgetown Diplomacy and International Security Conference, and IRC Outreach sub-boards; she was also IRC Director of Academic Programming in 2014-2015. Currently, she serves as the Chief of Staff of the IRC. 



Oyinkansola Ajai, COL '19

Oyinkansola Ajayi is a member of the College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2019 majoring in Economics. Oyinkansola was born in Lagos, Nigeria where she spent seven years of her life but now, she calls the Golden State of California her home. When she is not keeping track of the International Relations Club's finances, she serves on the Events Committee of ASG (African Society of Georgetown) and is a Peer Advisor for the College's incoming freshmen. In her free time, she enjoys bookkeeping for numerous businesses. Oyinkansola is excited to serve as IRC's Treasurer and she looks forward to the academic year. 

Hanh Nguyen, SFS '19
GDISC Coordinator

Hanh Nguyen, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is currently a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Politics with a concentration in international security. Hanh is excited to be part of GDISC, as this will be her second year organizing both the high school Georgetown Diplomacy and International Security Conference (GDISC) in the Fall and the 8th GDISC in the Spring. Outside of GDISC, Hanh is a staffer for NAIMUN and NCSC, the treasurer for VSA, and recently a member of the Georgetown Boxing Club. Her hobbies include rocking out on the guitar, going to local concerts, strength training, and playing Civilisation 5.


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Erin Luck, SFS '19
Executive Secretary

Erin Luck is a member of the Class of 2019 in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, planning on majoring in International Political Economy. On campus, she has engaged with the International Relations Club (IRC) on various levels, both as a member of Georgetown's Model UN travel team and as a staffer for both NAIMUN and NCSC. Outside MUN, Erin serves as an Orientation Advisor and works with One World Youth Project, a campus organization dedicated to introducing global themes into public education. Originally from LaPorte, Indiana, she is a big fan of all things Midwest, especially reruns of Parks and Rec.

Past Boards


Arnosh Keswani, SFS '17 - Chair

Michael Sliwinski, SFS '16 - Conferences Coordinator

Jonas DeMuri-Siliunas, SFS '18 - Director of Communications

Matthew Ellison, SFS '18 - Director of Academic Programming

Eric Chen, SFS '18 - Director of Outreach

Itua Uduebo, SFS '17 - Director of Special Events

Stephen Yin, SFS '17 - Chief of Staff

Genevieve Lai, NHS '18 - Treasurer

Connor Sakati, SFS '18 - GDISC Coordinator

Brendan Keenan, COL '18 - Executive Secretary



Allison Kim, SFS '16 - Chair

Jeff Caso, SFS '15 - Conferences Coordinator

Erica Tsai, MSB '17 - Director of Communications

Lizzy Tse, SFS '17 - Director of Academic Programming

Rachel Morota, SFS '17 - Director of Outreach

Danny Aherne, COL '16 - Director of Special Events

Edwin Lopez, SFS '16 - Chief of Staff

Claire Longcroft, MSB '17 - Treasurer

Sourabh Bhat, MSB '17 - GDISC Coordinator

Arnosh Keswani, SFS '17 - Executive Secretary



Jeff Caso, SFS '15 - Chair

Sam Brothers, COL '14 - Conferences Coordinator

Connie Yang, SFS '15 - Director of Communications

JJ Phang, SFS '16 - Director of Academic Programming

Matthew Quallen, SFS '16 - Director of Outreach

Alison Vandenburgh, SFS '14 - Director of Special Events

Jim Coury, SFS '15 - Chief of Staff

Allison Kim, SFS '16 - Treasurer

Reno Varghese, SFS '16 - GDISC Coordinator

Cheryl Lau, SFS '16 - Executive Secretary



Emilie Siegler, SFS '14 - Chair

Dane Shikman, SFS '13 - Conferences Coordinator

Connie Yang, SFS '15 - Director of Communications

Jeff Caso, SFS '15 - Director of Academic Programming

Jim Coury, SFS '15 - Director of Outreach

Randy Crooks, SFS '13 - Director of Special Events

Anais Carmona, SFS '14 - Chief of Staff

Dylan Binnie, SFS '15 - Treasurer

Bret Perry, SFS '15 - GDISC Coordinator

Jen Zink, SFS '15 - Executive Secretary