Board of Directors 2017-2018


Grace Jiang, SFS '18

Grace Jiang was originally born in Hunan, China. She has lived in various places throughout China and the US, but now calls the hippy town of Boulder, Colorado home and spend large amounts of time complaining about the lack of mountains in DC. A senior in the School of Foreign Service, Grace is majoring in Regional and Comparative Studies in Latin America and East Asia with a certificate in International Development. Besides acting as Chair, Grace has also served as Director of Outreach, travels with Georgetown’s MUN team, coordinates literacy tutoring through the Center for Social Justice, and serves on the board of the Chinese Student Alliance. When not procrastinating on homework, Grace is a big fan of yoga, outdoor recreation, and tea. She is very excited to be serving as Chair of the International Relations Club this year and looks forward to another great year with the IRC!


Georgina Kenchington, SFS '18
Conferences Coordinator

Georgina is a senior in the Walsh School of Foreign Service majoring in International Politics with a concentration in Security Studies. Born and raised in New York, however, reigning from a long line of Brits and incredibly bitter about her lack of accent, Georgina can’t survive a day without coffee and will constantly remind you that British food is the best in the world. Having participated in Model UN throughout high school, Georgina enjoys traveling with Georgetown’s Model UN team and staffing both NAIMUN and NCSC. After almost a decade of Model UN, she cannot wait to spend her final year in MUN joining Georgetown's team for another year of success!


Alex Simon, SFS '19
Chief of Staff

Alex Simon is a member of the School of Foreign Service and will graduate in 2019. He is majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a focus on Security Studies and a Minor in Arabic. Alex is from just north of Boston and attended St. John’s Prep in Danvers, MA. Coming back from a summer teaching Model UN in China, Alex is excited to return to campus and serve both NAIMUN and the IRC as Chief of Staff. Last year, Alex interned at the U.S. House of Representatives and worked as a shuttle driver on Martha’s Vineyard over the summer.


Albert Zhu, SFS '20
Director of Academic Programming

Albert Zhu is a sophomore in Georgetown's School of Foreign Service. Born and raised in Beijing, China, he is fluent in both Mandarin and English. He started out in the IRC as a member of the Academic Programming sub-board, and now in addition to heading that sub-board he also staffs both NAIMUN and NCSC. He is also a member of the Georgetown Running Club and plays the violin in the Chamber Music Program. He loves watching movies, TV shows, listening to music, and cooking. Soon, he hopes to combine his love for cooking, Georgetown, and his home country of China by opening up a chuan'r stand at the Georgetown Farmers' Market.


Jeremy Cohen, SFS '20
Director of Outreach

Jeremy Cohen is a proud member of Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2020, and plans to study International History. He calls beautiful Princeton, New Jersey home, and tirelessly defends the Garden State from the constant onslaught of insults hurled at it by overzealous Californians. He has had a passion for Model UN crisis committees since his sophomore year of high school, and now enjoys traveling with the Georgetown team. Aside from acting as Director of Outreach for the IRC, he also serves as Undersecretary-General of Cabinets and Boards at NCSC, Georgetown’s college conference, and as a Crisis Manager at NAIMUN, the high school conference. Outside of his Model UN pursuits, he is active in the Figge Fellows, a religious research fellowship. Since living in Yorkshire, he has been an Anglophile, and as a result can typically be found watching Downton Abbey, preparing tea, or lamenting the often lackluster performance of Leeds United. He enjoys making crêpes and indulging his passion for board games. 


Aaron Baum, SFS '20
Director of Communications

Aaron Baum is a member of the Walsh School of Foreign Service Class of 2020 majoring in Regional Studies with a focus on Asia. Aaron fell in love with the IRC during freshman fall semester at Georgetown after long bus rides with the Model UN travel team, snapping pictures of delegates and staffers at NCSC XLIV, and going to international cultural and academic events around the city with some of his best friends on campus. When not editing articles for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, distributing funds to student groups on the Student Activities Commission, and mentoring new student leaders in the Emerging Leaders Program, he finds time to watch a lot of Veep and eat even more Kraft™ Mac-and-Cheese.


Jose Villalobos, SFS '19
Director of Special Events

José Villalobos Gonzalez is a Junior in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown, hailing from Mexico City. He is majoring in Science Technology and International Affairs, with a minor in French and a concentration in Global Health and Biotechnology. He’s interested in a career in the diplomatic affairs, working either for the Mexican foreign service or the WHO. At Georgetown, José writes art and music reviews for a campus newspaper, works for a student-run consulting group focused on developing-world microfinance services, and does Latin dancing. Jose can’t wait to host fun, memorable events for the IRC.


Tobias Cebulash, SFS '20
GDISC Coordinator

Tobias Cebulash is a Sophomore in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, where he plans to major in Culture and Politics. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, he received the vast majority of his exposure to International Affairs from participation in high school Model United Nations. He started out in Georgetown's International Relations Club as a member of the Outreach sub-board. In addition to serving as the coordinator for the Georgetown Diplomacy and International Security Conference, Tobias staffs NCSC and NAIMUN, and is a cadet in Georgetown's ROTC program, the Hoya Battalion.


Gary Xie, SFS '19

Gary Xie is a Junior in the School of Foreign Service majoring in International Political Economy. From White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, Gary is fond of water sports and whenever he returns home he loves to feast on his hometown’s salmon (pronounced “san-man” not “sell-mon”). Gary is passionate about economic development in Africa. He has conducted research on agricultural development with the World Bank in Ghana, worked as an analyst with a micro-financing firm in Uganda and has toured the great Sahara of Morocco. Gary is excited to serve on the Board after taking a year off Georgetown to work on financing for Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign.


Bianca Lambert, SFS '20
Executive Secretary

Bianca is a sophomore in the Walsh School of Foreign Service where she plans to major in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Science, Technology, and Security. Bianca hails from Los Angeles, California, but is enjoying her new life on the East Coast. She started Model UN here at Georgetown where she has quickly become quite involved from traveling, staffing conferences, and traveling to China to teach at one of GIRA’s programs, NAIMUN-Pegasus. Outside of Model UN, Bianca plays harp in the Georgetown Orchestra, serves as an International Ambassador for new Georgetown students, and enjoys practicing languages when she has the time. Bianca is excited to be a part of a great organization looking to further international education.

Former Boards



Eric Chen, SFS '18 - Chair

Jack Ludtke, MSB '17 - Conferences Coordinator

Grace Jiang, SFS '18 - Director of Outreach

Itua Udeubo, SFS '17 - Director of Special Events

Will Liao, SFS '17 - Director of Academic Programming

Patricia Lin, SFS '19 - Director of Communications

Lizzy Tse, SFS '16 - Chief of Staff

Oyinkansola Ajai, COL '19 - Treasurer

Hanh Nguyen, SFS '19 - GDISC Coordinator

Erin Luck, SFS '19 - Executive Secretary



Arnosh Keswani, SFS '17 - Chair

Michael Sliwinski, SFS '16 - Conferences Coordinator

Jonas DeMuri-Siliunas, SFS '18 - Director of Communications

Matthew Ellison, SFS '18 - Director of Academic Programming

Eric Chen, SFS '18 - Director of Outreach

Itua Uduebo, SFS '17 - Director of Special Events

Stephen Yin, SFS '17 - Chief of Staff

Genevieve Lai, NHS '18 - Treasurer

Connor Sakati, SFS '18 - GDISC Coordinator

Brendan Keenan, COL '18 - Executive Secretary



Allison Kim, SFS '16 - Chair

Jeff Caso, SFS '15 - Conferences Coordinator

Erica Tsai, MSB '17 - Director of Communications

Lizzy Tse, SFS '17 - Director of Academic Programming

Rachel Morota, SFS '17 - Director of Outreach

Danny Aherne, COL '16 - Director of Special Events

Edwin Lopez, SFS '16 - Chief of Staff

Claire Longcroft, MSB '17 - Treasurer

Sourabh Bhat, MSB '17 - GDISC Coordinator

Arnosh Keswani, SFS '17 - Executive Secretary



Jeff Caso, SFS '15 - Chair

Sam Brothers, COL '14 - Conferences Coordinator

Connie Yang, SFS '15 - Director of Communications

JJ Phang, SFS '16 - Director of Academic Programming

Matthew Quallen, SFS '16 - Director of Outreach

Alison Vandenburgh, SFS '14 - Director of Special Events

Jim Coury, SFS '15 - Chief of Staff

Allison Kim, SFS '16 - Treasurer

Reno Varghese, SFS '16 - GDISC Coordinator

Cheryl Lau, SFS '16 - Executive Secretary



Emilie Siegler, SFS '14 - Chair

Dane Shikman, SFS '13 - Conferences Coordinator

Connie Yang, SFS '15 - Director of Communications

Jeff Caso, SFS '15 - Director of Academic Programming

Jim Coury, SFS '15 - Director of Outreach

Randy Crooks, SFS '13 - Director of Special Events

Anais Carmona, SFS '14 - Chief of Staff

Dylan Binnie, SFS '15 - Treasurer

Bret Perry, SFS '15 - GDISC Coordinator

Jen Zink, SFS '15 - Executive Secretary